S3 and S4 Express E-Math Students

Upper Sec Express E-Math Holiday Programme:
Seeing Math Come Alive

Suited for upper secondary students who need
an effective way to catch up and boost their Math grades quickly
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Suited for students who are:
Uncertain about O-Levels
Frustrated by the challenging Problems in Real World Context
Upset by results even though you studied

In 3 lessons, this upper secondary E-Math holiday programme provides you with the skills and practices required to catch up and advance on Problems in Real-World Context involving E-Math concepts

Suitable for S3 and S4, E-Math IP or Express E-Math students

Upper Sec E-Math Holiday Programme:
Seeing Math Come Alive

Tackle Problems in Real Context involving Trigonometry

Greater exposure and substantial practice:
Concepts to question analysis to answering techniques

Notes containing specific practices for you to catch up and advance

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