S4 IP: Lay Strong Foundations

National exams aren’t as scary as they seem. Cement your basics for every subject and build a strong foundation to lighten your load for A levels.

GP Foundation (1-3 June 2021, 10am-1pm, Bukit Timah)


Give yourself that head start; don't wait till JC before you start preparing for GP! Our GP foundation couse will get you started on approaching GP with the right structure. Expose yourself to a range of current affairs topics and learn how to apply them effectively in essays and comprehension (AQ).


Existing Indigo Student: $499*
New Student: $499* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies

Chemistry (31 May - 25 June 2021, Slot A&B (Bugis and Balmoral Plaza respectively): Mon & Thurs; Slot C&D (Beauty World and Marymount CC respectively ): Tues & Fri; Slot E (Balmoral Plaza): Wed & Sat, 2pm-5.30pm (30 mins break) )


How do you prepare effectively for practical exams without the expensive cost of a lab session?
Scoring well for practical exams requires strong conceptual understanding in the topics of QA and Salt Preparation. We will go through these topics in-depth to help students score better for their practical exam.


Existing Indigo Student: $220*
New Student: $220* (Registration fee of $50 applies)
*GST of 7% applies

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    Trial Class


    The lessons are really enriching and compact. I benefitted a lot from this course. The teacher is engaging and I will attend more of such courses in the future.

    Qi Yue
    Sec 3 IP, NYGH
    GP Fundamentals

    The information given in the materials are presented in a logical and organised fashion, making it easy to browse through for revision.

    Vera Wang Xinyue
    J1, ACJC
    GP Fundamentals

    This programme was extremely helpful to my revision. I will recommend this course to my friends. The session was well-paced.

    Xavier Ong
    J1, HCI
    H2 Mathematics Crash Course

    This programme was helpful. The teacher is knowledgeable about the subject and taught me how to solve challenging questions. He is very patient and will not hesitate to clarify any of our doubts after class.

    J1, EJC
    H2 Math Crash Course