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Indigo Chemistry Tuition A-level (JC H2) and O-Level Chemistry Tuition

Powered by Making Sense - Singapore's #1 Chemistry tuition in Singapore

specialising in Secondary Express, IP and Junior College

It’s painful to always get poor Chemistry grades.

Do you want to score ‘A’ for your O/A-Level exams but don’t know where to start?

Powered by Making Sense, Singapore’s #1 Chemistry tuition centre, Indigo brings a decade of expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional results to students seeking A-level (JC H2) and IP and O-Level Chemistry tuition. 

Since its inception, Making Sense has been a cornerstone in the education landscape, providing top-notch tuition services that have helped countless students excel in O-level and A-level Chemistry. With a humble beginning of just 32 students in 2011, Making Sense has grown exponentially, coaching close to 1000 students annually. 

Now, in collaboration with Indigo, Making Sense has expanded its reach and offerings to continue providing the best Chemistry and Science tuition to students in Singapore. This partnership combines the expertise and experience of Making Sense with the specialized knowledge and corporate support of Indigo. 

Indigo Chemistry Tuition offers a team of experienced tutors who understand the revised syllabus and are equipped to support students’ needs effectively. With a focus on integrating new approaches and techniques into the curriculum, Indigo’s Chemistry Department (powered by Making Sense) ensures that students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. 

At Indigo, we are committed to empowering students to achieve their full potential in chemistry and beyond. Whether you’re preparing for your A-Level exams or aiming to ace your O-Level, Indigo Chemistry Tuition is here to support you every step of the way. 

Build strong foundations with our Secondary Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology) curriculum. Indigo is your gateway to mastering this fundamental subject and achieving academic breakthroughs. With a strong emphasis on application-based teaching, students are exposed to a variety of higher-order thinking (HOT) questions. Indigo Chemistry tuition offers a comprehensive and structured tuition programme, meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ultimately preparing students for their O-Level examination. Students simply have to follow our perfect blueprint mapped out for them. Combined with hard work and a positive attitude, more than 90% of our students show an improvement by at least 3 grades within just 2 terms.

Don’t wait any longer – join Indigo Chemistry today and experience the difference firsthand. With a decade of excellence behind us and a commitment to continuous improvement, Indigo Chemistry Tuition is the premier choice for students seeking quality education and academic success. 

Our Results

Our structured programme is widely recognised as the best Chemistry tuition and Science tuition across Singapore. Our distinction rates have consistently outperformed the national average, even surpassing those of top-tier schools. Indigo Science tuition has produced a remarkable number of students in Singapore who have achieved distinctions in the O/A- Level examination, a feat that only a select few Science tuition centres in Singapore can match.

Programmes to Suit your Needs 

We understand that every student has different learning needs. In addition to our signature structured Science tuition classes, we offer Personalised Learning (PL) classes to ensure effective learning for all students. A small and intimate setting where teachers work closely with individual students to address their needs. Perfect for students who prefer a more customised approach towards Science tuition, enjoy the flexibility to learn at your own pace, address key Scientific topics, clarify any doubts and concentrate on any topics of your choice


Junior College Programmes

Year 1 and 2


Secondary IP Programmes

Lower Secondary
Upper Secondary
Upper Secondary

Secondary Express Programmes

Lower Secondary
Upper Secondary
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Why did over 8,000 students choose Indigo?

Over 8,000 students and counting
90% of our students achieve 'A' or 'B' grade for A-Level
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97% of students show improvement in grades
92% of students achieve at least a B3 for O-Level
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Why you can count on Indigo Chemistry Tuition

You are Far More Likely to Score ‘A’

Year after year, we have produced exceptional results. Approximately 90% of our JC Chemistry students achieve A or B grade for their A-Level Chemistry exam and 92% of our Secondary school students achieved at least a B3 for their O-Level Chemistry exam.

Save Half Your Time With Optimised Learning

Our notes are comprehensive and concise. With a strong emphasis on application, we constantly expose students to common exam questions. You will also learn the best techniques to effectively solve challenging questions. Content heavy topics such as Organic Chemistry will be repackaged and simplified.

Support From a Team of Experts 

The Indigo pedagogy is replicated among our tutors. All our Chemistry tutors and Science tutors speak, explain and deliver the same way, ensuring lessons of the highest quality.

Strong After-Class Support

Reach out to our tutors whenever necessary. Students enjoy free Telegram consultations and face-to-face consultation sessions. Going the extra mile and providing more value is what we aim for.

Hear From Our Student Achievers

The notes at Indigo are concise and summarised, making it easy for a quick recap before delving into higher-order application questions. I love how they're organised into different concepts, adding a nice touch of structure and clarity to my learning.

Megan Ho, HCI

Indigo JC2 Chemistry student (2023)

Indigo's lessons have taught me how to connect the dots and apply answering techniques to solve 

Wong Zi Qi, TMJC

Indigo JC 2 Chemistry Student (2023)

Joining Indigo has helped me improve tremendously in my Chemistry grades from U to C!
The lessons conducted are very fulfilling and engaging. Indigo's teaching pedagogy has helped me to better understand the concepts and clear my doubts.

Jing Ni, SAJC

Indigo JC2 Chemistry Student (2022)

My tutor breaks down complex concepts into layman's explanations and presents them in understandable terms for efficient knowledge assimilation.
Indigo's patented teaching approach has empowered me with the necessary skill sets to go beyond mere memorisation and effectively analyse questions, comprehend concepts, and generate concise answers tailored to the different question types! 

Zoe Goh, NYJC

Indigo JC2 Chemistry Student (2022)

Learning Chemistry doesn't have to be boring!

Interesting lessons + excellent teachers = Your academic breakthrough!
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