The Secondary 2 Express year is a pivotal one for students. As the year progresses, they will be deciding on their subject combinations while preparing themselves for Upper Secondary level. This would then have implications on their O-Levels and post-secondary pathway.

The Streaming Examinations is an opportunity for your child to choose the subjects they express interests and strengths in. Find out if your child is on track as you embark on this critical year ahead.

Our Learning System

✍️ Classroom Experience

Our teachers inspire an interest in their specialised subject through the implementation of research-based pedagogy within the classrooms. With the support of non-academic staff, our teachers focus on the art of teaching and helping students achieve their academic breakthroughs.

✍️ Study Materials

Indigo's notes and materials are updated and revised to keep up with current academic trends, needs and revised syllabus. They are curated to ensure students' efficient and effective learning. On top of that, Indigo's notes are structured, comprehensive and designed to help students build confidence and achieve academic excellence.

✍️ Out-Of-Class Support

We build strong support systems so you will never feel alone. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community. By ensuring parents take an active role in their children’s education, we are nurturing a supportive environment to help students achieve academic success through our extensive parent-student, online and offline engagement initiatives.

Our Testimonials

I like how the tutors put in effort towards our studies and for our own benefit by not being too strict to us etc. The materials provided by Indigo are very linked to what my school is currently teaching; Indigo puts in more information for my general knowledge and school use!

Keira, Student
Beatty Secondary School
English (Lower Sec Express)

The teachers are funny and entertaining while the worksheets given are quite challenging which is good as I like learning new things. I am never bored.

Qian Hua, Student
Cedar Girls' Secondary School
Mathematics (Lower Sec Express)

They teach the topics that my school has not covered yet, so it's an advantage. I feel prepared and more confident. I learnt ways to understand questions before answering. I also learnt to form my answer in steps.

Xin En, Student
North Vista Secondary School
English (Lower Sec Express)

The materials are relevant and easy to refer to! Saves me so much time, especially when I need to study new and more difficult topics which my school did not have enough time for.

Zihao, Student
Nanhua High School
Science (Lower Sec Express)

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