Brace yourselves for the O-Level examinations this year! All of your years of Secondary school life cumulates to this final moment - a true turning point in many of our lives.

Check in with Indigo to identify if you are on the right track. Modify learning approaches accordingly to develop the right skill sets to achieve your desired outcomes at the O-levels.

Together, let's go further for success beyond Secondary education.

Our Learning System

✍️ Classroom Experience

Our teachers inspire an interest in their specialised subject through the implementation of research-based pedagogy within the classrooms. With the support of non-academic staff, our teachers focus on the art of teaching and helping students achieve their academic breakthroughs.

✍️ Study Materials

Indigo's notes and materials are updated and revised to keep up with current academic trends, needs and revised syllabus. They are curated to ensure students' efficient and effective learning. On top of that, Indigo's notes are structured, comprehensive and designed to help students build confidence and achieve academic excellence.

✍️ Out-Of-Class Support

We build strong support systems so you will never feel alone. Central to Indigo’s methodology is a connected community. By ensuring parents take an active role in their children’s education, we are nurturing a supportive environment to help students achieve academic success through our extensive parent-student, online and offline engagement initiatives.

Our Testimonials

Materials are very relevant and useful for essays and practice questions are challenging. They give me many ideas for composition and teach me methods to do the summary well. I have cheat sheets to rely on! I feel more prepared for my exams as I have reliable notes now.

Junwei, Student
Commonwealth Secondary
English (Upper Sec Express)

The materials given on current affairs are detailed and supported by examples - helpful for my studies. I look forward to reading now.

Bao Yi, Student
Jurongville Secondary School
English (Upper Sec Express)

Materials are useful. My grades have improved. Tutor helps me with questions I have in school and in class. Thanks to the practice materials, it is easier for me to focus on new topics in school as Indigo helps me to learn in advance.

Caleb Au, Student
Maris Stella High School
Mathematics (Sec Express)

The materials are very informative; tutors are good at explaining how to get to the answers as quickly as possible. I also have chance to practice or refer to worked examples. I don't need to spend time looking for other materials.

Lu Meng Meng, Student
Nanyang Girls' High School
Mathematics (Sec Express)

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