New PSLE scoring system

List of all secondary schools' entry and cut-off points.

The cut off point for each secondary school is an additional piece of information that can help students and their parents shortlist schools.

Other key factors to consider when choosing suitable secondary schools

Managing Transitions to Secondary Schools, Integrated Programme (IP)

The IP track is a unique track which allows your child to skip the O-levels. Instead, IP students need to pace themselves for the rigorous A-level examinations. When managed appropriately through key info, essential study and parenting skills, the IP journey enriches your child's holistic development from start to finish.

Students and parents need to understand what should you be aware of before Sec 1, what you can do to sustain good performance, and the ways to maintain a good parent-child relationship in order to optimise his/her development.

Managing Transitions to Secondary Schools for IP Students
Programmes, CCAs, Culture, Location

When shortlisting suitable secondary schools that would best fit your child's educational needs, students and parents are highly encouraged to visit schools’ websites or MOE's SchoolFinder to find out more details about their preferred schools. Other key factors to consider would be the secondary schools’ programmes, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), ethos and culture, as well as home-school distance.

MOE SchoolFinder
Managing Transitions to Secondary Schools for Express Students

To bridge the learning gaps between primary and secondary education, the first step is to be able to make informed decisions by being aware of the demands of Secondary school syllabus. The second step is learning how to help your child manage those demands, acquire new skills and build key foundations for optimal learning throughout secondary school.

Managing Transitions to Secondary Schools for EXP Students