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Holiday Programmes

Upper Secondary | Secondary 4 Express


What’s included

  • Exposure to advanced questions
  • In-depth question analysis
  • Guided solutions

Choose one:

Run 1:
8 Jun (Thu)
9 Jun (Fri)
19 Jun (Mon)

Run 2:
15 Jun (Thu)
16 Jun (Fri)
19 Jun (Mon)

10am – 2pm

Bukit Timah Shopping
Centre, #01-01

  • For non-Indigo students, a one-off $50 registration fee is applicable
  • Subjected to GST
  • Holiday Programme Vouchers are applicable

Trigonometry Masterclass

Want to ace Trigonometry? Come join us in this masterclass to learn the fundamentals of Trigonometry and excel in proving and solving questions!

Lesson Structure


  • Indigo students: $672 (Limited to 30 sign-ups)
  • Non-Indigo students: $699
  • Days 1 and 2 included in Booster lessons 1, 2, 3 &4 (A-Math students)
  • Top up $194 for the complete trigo program

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