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Upper Secondary | Secondary 3 IP


What’s included

  • Detailed questions analysis
  • Comprehensive notes
  • Progress tracker quizzes

30 May (Tue)
6 June (Tue)
13 June (Tue)
20 June (Tue)

9am – 1pm
(30 mins break)

Bugis ICB, #07-02

Students may request access to recorded lesson videos, followed by a free consultation

  • For non-Indigo students, a one-off $50 registration fee is applicable
  • Subjected to GST
  • Holiday Programme Vouchers are applicable
Chemistry Intensive Bootcamp

Start Scoring A1 for Chemistry

Topics Covered:

  • Equation Writing & Acids and Bases
  • Separation Techniques & Atomic
  • Structure
  • Chemical Bonding

This transformative Chemistry bootcamp will put
you on track to score an ‘A1’ in Chemistry!

Lesson Structure


  • Indigo students: $734 (Limited to 30 sign-ups)
  • Non-Indigo students: $784

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