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What’s included

  • Consolidated of macro and micro topics for organised revision
  • Exam-grade case study questions and essays with model examples
  • Question & Answer booklets
  • Marked feedback

15 June (Thu)
20 June (Tue)
22 June (Thu)

10am – 5pm
(1hour lunch break)

Balmoral Plaza,

  • For non-Indigo students, a one-off $50 registration fee is applicable
  • Subjected to GST
  • Holiday Programme Vouchers are applicable
Economics (H2)

Economics Made Easy (Bootcamp C)

Topics Covered:

  • Circular Flow, AD/AS model and Macro goals
  • Macro policies
  • International Economics

Don’t let knowledge gaps hold you back in A-Level Economics! Designed for busy JC students, this bootcamp covers the A-Level Economics content syllabus, providing step-by-step guidance to enhance your confidence in content comprehension, question analysis, and answering techniques.

Lesson Structure


  • Super Early Bird (Valid until 9 May)
    • Individual: $928
    • Bundle Bootcamp B + C: $1488
  • Early Bird (Valid until 23 May)
    • Individual: $958
    • Bundle Bootcamp B + C: $1800
  • Regular Price (From 24 May)
    • Individual: $1188
    •  Bundle Bootcamp B + C: $2376

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