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Lower Secondary | Secondary 2 Express


What’s included

  • Comprehensive topical recap notes
  • Worked examples
  • Practice questions

Choose one:

Run 1:
19 Jun (Mon)
20 Jun (Tue)
21 Jun (Wed)

10am – 11.45am

Beauty World Centre,

Run 2:
21 Jun (Wed)
22 Jun (Thu)
23 Jun (Fri)

12.30pm – 2.15pm

Tampines Plaza 1,

  • For non-Indigo students, a one-off $50 registration fee is applicable
  • Subjected to GST
  • Holiday Programme Vouchers are applicable

AMP Jumpstart

Struggling with Algebra? Fret not, you’re not alone! Our AMP Jumpstart programme is here to provide the support and guidance you need to overcome your difficulties and gain mastery over Algebra.

With specially curated resources and our team of expert teachers, you’ll be given ample opportunities to not only work through challenging problems and strengthen your understanding of key Algebraic concepts, but also apply them in real-world contexts.

Lesson Structure


  • Indigo students: $294 (Limited to 30 sign-ups)
  • Non-Indigo students: $324

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