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Need a quick and complete revision? These intensive short-burst bootcamps recap key concepts, clarify common misconceptions, consolidate what you’ve learned, and prepare you for exams. Feel confident walking into the exam hall in next to no time at all.
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Junior College 2
General Paper

JC 2: General Paper Just in Time Hybrid Lessons

Every Wednesday | 9pm - 10.30pm | Zoom
Have no time to travel for classes? Learnt the techniques and accumulated enough content knowledge? Crafted for busy J2 students to focus on the synthesis and application of their techniques and content knowledge on exam grade questions.
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JC: Essay Bridging Workshop

24 Jul (Wed), 26 Jul (Fri), 27 Jul (Sat), 5pm-9pm | Balmoral Plaza, #B1-09
Lacking a solid foundation in Paper 1 techniques? Master the art and science of essay writing in three days in this workshop!
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JC: Comprehension Bridging Workshop

31 Jul (Wed), 2 Aug (Fri), 3 Aug (Sat), 5pm – 9pm | Balmoral Plaza, #B1-09
Unsure about the skills and strategies involved in approaching and answering Paper 2? Confused about what each question is asking and where the marks lie? Harness your knowledge of current affairs to your advantage and master essential skills for Short Questions, Summary and Application Questions!
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JC 2: Content Based JC 1 Lessons

Choice of any JC 1 Term 1 timeslot
Missed out on content coverage in JC 1? Accumulated deficit in GP skills in JC 1? Don't repeat your mistakes!
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JC 2: General Paper End Game

30 Oct 2024 (Wed), 31 Oct 2024 (Thu), 1 Nov 2024 (Fri) | 2.45pm – 6.45pm | Balmoral Plaza #B1-09
Tailored to complement your regular content and application lessons, this crash course aims to boost your exam skills, exam preparations and give you that winning edge for the A-Level exams in just 3 lessons!
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JC 2: General Paper Super Crash Course

Excel in both H1 GP and H2 subjects without compromising on either!
This GP super crash course is crafted for students to focus on the skills sets that will help you articulate your ideas, answers and arguments in a clear and concise manner.
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Secondary 4 Express

Sec 4 Express: Get ready for the O-Level Oral Exams

Tailored to pace you for the O-Level oral exams between 23-25 July 2024 (30%). You will be equipped with proven strategies and easy-to-revise, distilled materials to think critically on your feet and respond to your examiners with confidence.
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Sec 4 Express: English Red Intensive Programme

Your final push towards O-Level success! A structured, targetted approach to scoring O-Level English.
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