At Indigo, we want to make sure no student gets left behind.

Starting the year of your A-Levels requires wider skills to effectively manage and process broader content. For J1 students moving on to J2, Term 4 is the checkpoint to check if you are on the right track for your desired A-Level results.

GP Regular Class Timeslots (JC1 AY 2021)

JCs in Singapore typically focus on topics like media, environment, science and technology and Singapore during JC1. This means that for the majority of students moving up to JC2, there is very little understanding of the larger global context that General Paper resides within.

Term 4 General Paper attempts to bridge the knowledge gaps in areas of international political frameworks, political ideology and global governance systems.

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Economics Regular Class Timeslots (JC1 AY 2021)

✦ Reinforcement of JC1 concepts, dissection of essays and case study questions based on higher order thinking(HOT). Practice diagrams and familiarise with different question types.

✦ Advanced learning of some JC2 concepts –Expose students to Macro issues via the use of J2 Prelim CSQ to spark interest and introduce some simple concepts like Standard-of-Living, Corporate Tax, and Balance-of-Trade to them.

✦ No programmes for Syllabus C

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Mathematics Regular Class Timeslots (JC1 AY 2021)

How is your progress so far? Are you still on the right track? At Indigo, we value Term 4 as the crucial checkpoint to address learning gaps and eliminate poor learning strategies. Become more effective at working towards your A-Level goals with clarity, consistency and focus.

✦ Revision Integration

✦ Revision Vectors

✦ Revision Maclaurin’s Series

✦ Revision Differential Equations

✦ Revision Complex Numbers

✦ Permutations

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Chemistry (JC1 AY 2021) - Non Regular Class Timeslots

For JC1 students moving onto your final JC year, Term 4 is the entry point to check if you are on the right track for your desired A-Level results. Consistency is an essential element for success at A-Levels.

To give you ample time to focus on H1 project work, our Term 4 lessons will only be conducted during the last 3 weeks of Term 4 (1st Nov – 21st Nov).

Students will only need to attend 3 lessons (Each weekly lesson is 3.5 hrs with a 30 mins break in-between)

Lesson 1: Organic Chemistry | Lesson 2: Solubility Product | Lesson 3: Solubility Product

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