At Indigo, we want to make sure no student gets left behind.

Starting a new academic level requires wider skills to manage additional subjects or learn broader content. To approach a new school year with confidence, Term 4 is focused on discovery, clarification and laying strong foundations.

Language Arts Regular Class Timeslots (S2 IP AY2021)

Enhancing the rigour of expository and argumentative essay writing to prepare students for the rigours of Upper Secondary with topics like international relations.

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Mathematics Regular Class Timeslots (S2 IP AY2021)

A Taste of Additional Math:
Quadratic equation
Understand Quadratic functions and inequalities
Indices and surds
Partial fractions

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Lower Sec Science Regular Class Timeslots (S2 IP AY2021)

Year 3 students will face a dip in their grades if they continue to use the same methods from their lower secondary years. Schools also typically focus on teaching content and may miss out honing your application-skills required for Upper Sec Chemistry. Term 4 coverage:

Lesson 1 – Elements, Compounds, Mixture, and New Separation Techniques

Lesson 2 – Upper Secondary Acids, Bases and Salts (Intro to Oxides and Titration)

Lesson 3 – Upper Secondary Periodic Table

Discovery Workshops for parents & students!

Term 4, Option 1:

  • Lesson 1: Sat,6 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Bugis
  • Lesson 2: Sat, 13 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Bugis
  • Lesson 3: Sat, 20 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Bugis

Term 4, Option 2:

  • Lesson 1: Sun,7 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Balmoral Plaza
  • Lesson 2: Sun, 14 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Balmoral Plaza
  • Lesson 3: Sun, 21 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm, Balmoral Plaza
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Discovery Workshop

Without the right skills or a proper foundation, Year 3 students often feel discouraged as Chemistry exposes them to a steep learning curve. Expect challenges in answering questions based on critical thinking, the need to derive meaningful conclusions from theoretical knowledge, and the importance of speed and accuracy when it comes to writing balanced chemical equations.

Our Discovery Workshop will enlighten students with the shortcut to progress from Lower Secondary Science to Upper Sec Chemistry. Experience chemical equations, data analysis, and be introduced to valuable answering techniques. Parents will also get to meet Indigo subject heads or tutors, and take home strategies to support your teenager’s desire to excel.

Save the date! 24 Oct (Sun) or 31 Oct (Sun), Bugis (ICB Enterprise House) 1.30pm – 3.30pm

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