At Indigo, we want to make sure no student gets left behind.

Excelling at Upper Secondary requires wider skills to manage additional subjects or learn broader content. To approach Upper Secondary 3IP with confidence, Term 4 is focused on review, consolidation and laying strong foundations to start ahead.

English Regular Class Timeslots (S2 IP AY2021)

Upper Secondary GP Foundation syllabus will present students with new challenges - you will need to demonstrate increased levels of logic, structure and depth in your essay writing. Without the right content knowledge and strong foundation of Upper Sec IP essay writing skills, lesser-known or new topics will certainly challenge and faze you.

Our tutors will guide you with content knowledge, provide you structure and the necessary framework to enhance your expository and argumentative essay writing. Start developing key skills for General Paper, prepare for the rigours of Upper Secondary with broader topics like international relations.

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Mathematics Regular Class Timeslots (S2 IP AY2021)

Many students are unable to score well in Math due to accumulation of learning deficit. Avoid the detrimental 'wait-and-see-how' approach. This Term 4, have a taste of Additional Math:
✦ Quadratic equation
✦ Understand Quadratic functions and inequalities
✦ Indices and surds
✦ Functions
✦ Partial fractions
✦ Polynomials

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Lower Sec Science (S2 IP AY2021) - Non Regular Class Slots

Year 3 students will face a dip in their grades if they continue to use the same methods from their lower secondary years. Schools also typically focus on teaching content and may miss out honing your application-skills required for Upper Sec Chemistry.

You will only need to attend 3 lessons from 6 - 21 Nov. Please choose Option 1 or Option 2.

Option 1: Bugis

  • Lesson 1: Sat,6 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm
  • Lesson 2: Sat, 13 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm
  • Lesson 3: Sat, 20 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm

Option 2: Balmoral Plaza

  • Lesson 1: Sun,7 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm
  • Lesson 2: Sun, 14 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm
  • Lesson 3: Sun, 21 Nov, 9.15am - 1.15pm

Term 4 Coverage:

✦ Lesson 1 – Elements, Compounds, Mixture, and New Separation Techniques

✦ Lesson 2 – Upper Secondary Acids, Bases and Salts (Intro to Oxides and Titration)

✦ Lesson 3 – Upper Secondary Periodic Table

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