At Indigo, we want to make sure no student gets left behind.

Starting the year of your O-Levels requires wider skills to manage additional subjects or process broader content. To approach your milestone year with confidence, Term 4 is focused on review, consolidation and laying strong foundations to start ahead.

English Regular Class Timeslots (S3 EXP AY 2021)

Focused on O-level English, our academic team will be working with you closely to advance your language learning to a stronger level of sophistication and fluency. Demonstrate learning and mastery of the O-Level English syllabus as Indigo tutors will be guiding you on:

Structures for the different genres in compositions

A deeper analysis on the different types of Situational Writing (email, speech, letters and proposals)

How to analyse Comprehension questions and proper answering techniques (Narrative text and Non-narrative text)

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Mathematics Regular Class Timeslots (S3 EXP AY 2021)

In Term 4, make connections between different topics to develop a robust understanding of Mathematical concepts, clarify misunderstood topics, bridge learning gaps early. We wish to to help you achieve desired outcomes in a subject where full marks are possible!

Set Language
Further Trigonometry 1
Further Trigonometry 2
Differentiation (Technique)
Differentiation (Applications)

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Chemistry Regular Class Timeslots (S3 EXP AY 2021)

✦ We will review your child’s examination scripts to understand what is hindering stronger grades

✦ Learn the right techniques to process and understand concepts they are weak in

Review and consolidation of Secondary 3 topics to increase your child’s learning capacity towards Secondary 4 Chemistry syllabus

To give them advantage at their first Sec 4 CA1 in March 2022 by practicing key Sec 4 topics such as Energy and Metals

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