At Indigo, we want to make sure no student gets left behind.

Starting a new academic level requires wider skills to manage additional subjects or learn broader content. To approach a new school year with confidence, Term 4 is focused on discovery, clarification and laying strong foundations.


No matter at which phase of the academic journey, we wish to work closely with your child to help them approach learning of new subjects or understanding deeper content with the right mindset and skills.


Stay ahead of the curve. Lessons designed to fine-tune your child's understanding of current topics, it is important to address learning gaps to ensure your child is on the right track to achieving their desired outcomes.

Lay Strong Foundations

No one likes unpleasant surprises. To lay strong foundations for the year ahead, Term 4 integrates teaching of new subjects and/or topics your child will encounter at their new school year. Techniques and study skills will be introduced to help students succeed at their next academic level.

What to Expect