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Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching students critical thinking skills instead of teaching students to memorise model essays

Quality Study Materials

We encourage flexible thinking and application (in line with the new syllabus)

We do weekly coverage of both Paper 1 & 2 components (~40 essays per year)

We ensure comprehensive coverage across all topics

Robust Out-of-Class Support

Submit ala-carte essay scripts for marking and feedback

Book a complimentary 1-to-1 consultation with our tutors

Flexible replacement classes and booster lesson schedule

Navigating Victoria & Cedar Syllabus Gather a group of 5 for a customised seminar


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Hear From Our Victorian Student Achievers

Through the intensive INDIGO Orange programme, I learned how to accurately dissect essay questions; grasp what constitutes a good essay, and appropriately apply answering techniques in the comprehension section.

I was struggling with GP throughout J1 and could not seem to find the right method to tackle this subject before joining Indigo. The current affairs section, my favourite part of lessons taught me how to analyse worldly happenings for use in my essays!

Josh Teo, Victoria Junior College

Indigo JC 2 General Paper student

Our Stellar Results - Indigo 2022 A-Level Results


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