Book your Science Consultation

How to book a consultation slot

Follow the next few steps to make an appointment with our tutors for consultations.

Step 1: Fill in your details below to book for your consultation for the following week.

Step 2: Ensure that you receive a confirmation message via Whatsapp before coming down. Do note that you will receive a copy of your response via email (it may be located in your spam/junk mail), but this is NOT the confirmation message.

Step 3: Come prepared at your allocated timeslot.

Ensuring Equal Opportunities For All
  • Consultations are suspended during school holidays. If you require help, feel free to approach your tutors before or after class, or you may clarify your short questions through our Telegram.
  • We do not limit the number of consultation slots. However, you may only book for 1 slot at any moment. You are welcome to book for another session only after you have attended the consultation.
  • Each session is 30 minutes.
  • During the consultation, please come prepared with questions. Each timeslot can only accommodate a maximum of 3 students. Make sure that you sign up using the form below and received the confirmation message before coming down.
  • If the tutors are unable to finish the questions within the time frame, please feel free to book for another slot to follow up.
  • Have an enjoyable consultation session!
  • Do note that asking short questions via Telegram is still available!